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Law is public.  Legal truth — a description of where you are and what avenues are open — should be available everywhere, on every screen.

This sounds impossible, but only because we have become accustomed to opacity.  Map software can show you literally where you are and what traffic is on each avenue.  Law should do the same.

While law is public, the specifics of each transaction should be totally private.  It might sound hard to combine public law and private data, but that’s because we have become used to blending them together.  In private we often reference public facts and rules.

CommonAccord is the product of years of simplification.  Technically, it can be described as “graphs” that render relationships into documents, or a “distributed, agile, semantic web.”  Either way, it’s info that acts the way you think it should.

There is a gap between the demonstration materials here and the ideal described above.  The gap is bridgeable.

Our goal is trusted repositories of excellent legal text that render into first-class documents.  Eliminating legal opacity.

If you would like to use, contribute, or encourage, please post a comment, connect at one of the groups that is working on this, notably via

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EU Commission report on “Modelling the EU Economy as an Ecosystem of Contracts.”

A universal collection of #ProseObjects – legal forms and documents

YouTube video presenting a very complex legal document as a prose object.  The source for the same ABA Model Stock Purchase Agreement.  Because of the extensive work by the ABA Committee on this form and its extensive provisions, it is an excellent base for  codification of contract.

Site by French law students:

GitHub repo for a “universal” contract form object.

We thank the Shuttleworth Foundation for its generous grant to CommonAccord.

Interview at: SlashDot

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