Any successful negotiation of an agreement is a miniature standards-setting session. The discussion centers around what is normal in the field, in the trade, or for the organization. If two parties do a second deal, it is efficient to start with the first deal.  An organization cannot really keep track of its engagements unless there is consistency in language.  Marketplaces work better if participants have similar expectations.

Codification is long recognized as the best way to achieve stability and clarity in law. The organization and compactness of the provisions aids in framing a problem. Specific provisions accumulate meaning by re-use and intepretation.

CmA allows codification to benefit from methods used in software – code-ification. Individual efforts can be aggregated into a public good. Iterative grassroots law making.

Among the things that can be achieved:

  1. Universal, point-of-need access to excellent legal fulfillment;
  2. Reduction of the effect of sophistication differentials;
  3. Push-back by customers and other users who each have small stakes, but collectively have large ones (a customer is king, but also pigeon); and
  4. Organization and clarification of the law.