A couple of well-wishers have suggested that the CommonAccord initiative (I meant the fate of the idea rather than the fate of any particular website or promoter) will depend on the details of implementation.  With full acknowledgement of their good intentions, I disagree.

Some kinds of things depend on principles.  The details work themselves out.  This is the correct structure of a lot of legal ideas.  One might say that it is the structure of any legal idea that really works.

From the tablets (e.g., @arihersh) to the Napoleonic Code and the UCC, stuff that works in law has a layered structure of principle, elaboration, commentary and uses.  This idea is not totally dissimilar to @zittrain’s hourglass.  An hourglass is two triangles that meet.

CommonAccord is an attempt to boil “legal IT” down to a few principles of regular IT.

As always, thanks to @marclauritsen.