I get it, I suppose.  The lean guys, YCombinated, and kindred keep telling me you need to reduce lawyering, law, transacting, inheritance, and distributed data to a phrase.  One is reminded of all of wisdom being boiled down to the phrase “maybe.”

But it surely would help to have a phrase that opens interest instead of fogging it.  There are, however, quite disparate audiences.  Techies (who understand code, open source, the problem of legal text).  Lawyers (who understand standards, the back and forth of negotiation, and the demands of clients).  Sponsors (who may have “the problem” — legal friction) and may want to have an impact.

Wikipedia or GitHub for transacting.  A site where experts curate legal boilerplate.  Used in a distributed data model like a styleguide that renders your term sheets into fully lawyerized documents.  With versioning, collaboration, computability of data, clarity of law.  Ready to be signed and ignored!  Or litigated!  Crowd-sourced from experts.  Like open source.  By real lawyers.  The best of them.  Including your own.

Put yourself at the center of your business dealings.  @Include doc forms, boilerplate, business partners, lawyers, and the legal community.