I really appreciated your welcome of me, a rather-lawyerly semi-coder. I was impressed with the open atmosphere, rigorous ethic of sharing and brilliance of technical thought unfettered by commercial second thoughts. Thanks particularly to @Edd, who made the introduction. Following his lead, I’d like to make another introduction, to @ABAesq.


I was impressed at #ABAannual with the skill and energy dedicated to improving the law, particularly through publications. The difficult issues and balance of interests that are addressed. The commitment to a tradition of law as independent values, methods and institutions. And the people dedicated to improving access to law and legal outcomes.


I think that you could have a fruitful conversation. ABAesq could learn about methods and tools for handling and delivering text. OSCON could find solutions to persistent problems that impede the open source movement and it’s vision.

I suggest that a format for bridging the two could be cross-participation in meetings. Engineers at bar meetings (there is one near you) and lawyers at tech events. I’ll also suggest that the data structure that I have posted at GitHub.com/hazardj/cmacc could help in the translation. It is described less technically at commonaccord.wordpress.com (here) and developed at beta.commonaccord.org/wiki/Main_Page (if you are an OSCONer or ABAer, or similar, ask for an account).