Karen Copenhaver (Linux Foundation and Choate Hall) suggested that a good path to real codification would be a model patent license.  Textually not very complex, narrow range of variations, many companies involved, vast amount of value, stacks of them in portfolios.

Here is a possible top-level outline for them:


  1. {Setting._Sec}
  2. {Def._Sec}
  3. {Lic._Sec}
  4. {LicSub._Sec}
  5. {Govt._Sec}
  6. {Royalty._Sec}
  7. {Prosecute._Sec}
  8. {Record._Sec}
  9. {Report._Sec}
  10. {Commerce._Sec}
  11. {Enforce._Sec}
  12. {Disclaim._Sec}
  13. {Term._Sec}
  14. {Misc._Sec}

Drawn from NIH model agreements

An outline is populated with sections and establishes a (non-exclusive) taxonomy for them.